Modern Cat Accessories That Shock Us!

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Technology and electronics have come very far in just 20 years, all thanks to modern computer and what it has enabled everyone to achieve.

So when it comes to daily electronics such as cat litter boxes how could the world stay behind? Well it didn’t stay behind and infact it has advanced as much as any other electronic out there.

The new self cleaning technology that has been coming out today to help cat owners clean out the litter boxes easily and automatically with no human intervention is definitely something that you should watch.

Boxes like the new litter robot 3 and cat genie clean the litter box on its own at regular intervals without any issues. If that isn’t next level work then I don’t know what is. Finding theĀ best automatic litter box has become easier then ever.

Lets just look at litter robot 3 which came out recently, senses when a cat has used it and then this $500 box cleans the entire thing on its own without human intervention. Once it has cleaned it also flushes the waste into the pipeline eliminating any work from the human side to deal with it.

Now its clear that the idea behind it is that owners who don’t like to deal with poo can set this up and never have to deal with it again for a long time. And if you think that its high priced tag will keep people from buying it then you are wrong because even though it is priced upwards of $500+ it has already gone sold out and people are on the waiting list for the next batch.

The same thing has happened with cat genie which is a $300 litter box, it does everything that litter robot does then why is it cheaper? Well that’s because it’s an old technology and much slower then it.

So you can imagine that it is slower but it is being sold like crazy and continuously.

4 Top Cigar Tips That You Will Need To Know


Cigar smoking has come into the modern world more stylish then ever and if you end up in a company of someone who smokes its a big suggestion that you don’t end up making a fool of yourself.

It is fine if you don’t want to have a smoke but don’t end up saying something dumb or stupid that will embarrass you. Which is why I have compiled a list of tips that you can talk to them about which will definitely won’t make you look stupid.

Before we dive into the cigar tips also try to learn from our other posts here about more things that you can know about cigars such as cutters, and different types of lighters etc. Any amount of knowledge that doesn’t embarrass you can be only good.

Cigar Tips

1. If you don’t have a flat surface or if you are having a hard time using your guillotine cutter you can simply place the cutter on a flat surface and put the cigar in between and slice through. This will give you a nice straight cut without any issues.

2. If you want to keep the cigar burning for longer without puffing or having to relight it you can simply keep rotating it and keep the low burning side facing upwards. This will allow the heat to pass through freely and the pushed airflow will spread the heat into the low burning side.

3. Before you start smoking your fresh cigar, if it feels tight you can simply keep it between your palms and massage as it as you roll it between them. This will allow it to become loose and the inner tobacco will become looser and will burn much better.

4. After you have lit it initially don’t sit back and relax immediately, instead take short quick puffs which will push heat inside the cigar and help it burn longer and more evenly throughout.