3 Things that you absolutely need if you want to enjoy your cigar!

cigar accessories

Now I am sure you are wondering that ofcourse one of those things will be a cigar itself because how can you enjoy a cigar without one. Well you won’t be wrong but for this article it is not about the cigar but accessories you need to perfect that experience once and for all.

There are three things that every cigar smoker needs, can you guess what they are? If you guessed cigar humidor, cigar cutter and a cigar lighter then you are absolutely correct.

Cutting A Cigar

A lot of times in a pub or a bar a lot of new cigar smokers don’t know how to cut it properly or light it and lets not talk about storing them for now because that’s a whole new set of topic.

Anyways some of the mistakes that I see them making is they will either cut it at the wrong part using the wrong tool or cut the wrong cigar with the type of cutter that should be used.

So before you decide to smoke one it is important that you learn how to cut one without ruining it as it is highly important.

Here is a good video showing you how you can cut your cigar easily.

Once you have learnt how to cut it properly it is time to select the best cigar cutter for the money because that is where the first thing of this article comes into play. A good cigar cutter will save you from a lot of embarrassment and many more ruined cigars.

Lighting a cigar

Let’s say you have managed to cut it properly and now it’s time to light it and enjoy it. If you are worried that it will be as complicated as cutting it then don’t worry because it is not. Surprisingly it is much easier to light your cigar if you know what you are doing.

To make sure that you light it properly make sure to use a butane lighter and the best cigar lighter for yourself that you can get. It is important that you don’t end up buying something in the $$$+ range when you are only going to use it for a day or if you are new and not sure how to use it properly.

Once you have selected the right one that fits your budget and your usage get it and trust me it will drastically improve your smoking experience.

Storing Your Cigar

Let’s say you have loved it and now you want to also buy more and start storing them well fear not because with modern storage appliances it is actually quite easy.

Earlier a lot of it included plastic bags, manual work and storing them in your fridge but no more because now you can just buy the best humidor for cigars and keep your cigars in them without any hassles. More so that nowadays prices have really come down and so you can get a small humidor for yourself quite cheap and directly from amazon.

Something to remember about this is that you might have to measure the humidity in them so that they don’t end up ruining your cigars. This very important to remember because depending on where you live you will have to set it up correctly.

Do these 3 things correctly and I am sure your cigar smoking experience will become 100 times better if not more. These are basic things that every cigar smoker should keep in mind.

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