How Outdoor Sports Can help Transform Your Life!

In today’s busy world we all are fighting for that sliver of free time where we can jump in a our bed or get onto our gaming stations and starting playing our favorite games.

Unfortunately our lifestyles now are more dangerous for us then anything else. We are sitting for hours on stretch and that has some serious issues in our life or are going to cause serious health issues in the future.

Now I know majority of us including myself are not that fond of physical activities like going to gym or for a jog but for me personally I would rather play basketball or some other sport with my buddies then have to be in a gym for an hour.

This is why when Outdoorsporty reached out to me to write a post about the importance of fitness, I agreed. I know for a fact I can be much more healthier if I was a bit more active so lets see how we can get into outdoorsports easily and fast.

First Choose A Sport Like Disc Golf or Skateboarding

If you are like me and have been lazy for quite some time or don’t have anyone to hang out and play basketball with, you can look into these two sports.

Disc Golf : It is a simple sport and is a lot like regular golf with few exceptions.

  • It is cheap. Disc golf discs cost quite less and can be purchased online for a fraction of the cost then the regular golf kit.
  • It is played with discs rather then clubs or balls. These discs look a lot like frisbees but they are special built for this sport.
  • It is a very friendly game, so if you don’t have friends to play with you can just goto the course and join up other people.
  • It is simple to learn but hard to master, As you get better you will start playing for longer periods of time trying to practice your throws. Don’t worry, you will get the benefits of outdoors too.

Disc golf in itself is a fun sport that you can either play just for fun and for a reason to leave the house or you can play to get better and start taking part in local tourneys. Either ways you are going to have fun playing it and have a good reason to leave the house.

Skateboard: Skateboarding is super fun if you want something that improves your balance, co-ordination and makes you sweat at times. If you are new on a skateboard then you can just learn to ride first but if you used to ride before you can build your own skateboard with custom skateboard wheels that are best for you and decks.

All in all skateboarding helps bring balance to your body, stretches the muscle and improves focus. All of the things that are affected by our continuous sitting around routine.

Make sure to select the sport that you feel is the best for you and give that a go. It is important that you take your time and learn it before feeling bad or neglecting it. All good things take time and as you get better you will learn to enjoy it more and more each day.

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